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Best Welding Jacket Reviews of 2017

Welding jacket plays a vital role in the life of the welder which provides personal protection to them while working. It shields the arms and the body from heat and spatters. In welder’s arsenal, it has occupied a significant place. In the market, you can get welding jacket of various brands. Here I will make you aware about the best welding jacket that will not only save you from welding sparks but will also provide you comfort and mobility. To grant you maximum protection these welder jackets are fireproof and made up of durable materials.

Let’s discuss the top quality brands of welders’ jacket so that you can get an idea about numerous types of jackets available on the market.

Top Rated Welding Jackets – Best Welding Jacket For Summer

1. Revco Bsx Welding Jacket

Revco Bsx Welding JacketRevco Bsx Welding jacket is available in three sizes- small, large and XXX-Large. It will provide you excellent fit by keeping in mind the size and shape of your body. You will find jacket comfortable and light in weight. People doing light welding jobs can make use of these jackets. You will experience pleasant quality along with heavy materials used in the manufacturing of the jackets.  It is best for your business purpose.

  • It is made up of flame-resistant and is treated with cotton. You will find it of 9 oz.
  • It features standup welder’s collar that protects your neck.
  • The waist straps are adjustable so you can adjust your body shape.
  • You will find appropriate snap front and wrists which will provide you excellent comfort and pleasure.
  • The length front is extended and durable. It is the blend of performance and style.

If you are looking for protection and comfort against spark, then move ahead for Revco Bsx welding Jacket. The adjustable cuffs will make your work easier and comfy. The dual inside and scribe pockets will provide you excellent protection from external environment.


2. Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket

Lincoln Electric Welding JacketIf you want to protect the arms and torso from welding spatter and heat, then opt Lincoln electric welding brown color jacket which is made up of leather. This jacket is the heavy duty that you can use for extended time. You can protect personal items in large interior pockets. It has best reviews and available at affordable cost.

  • You will enjoy safety and durability due to flame-resistant and weather-resistant quality.
  • To provide resistance to wearing it holds triple needle stitching on the seams.
  • For the protection of the neck, it features flip-up collar which is protected by a hook-and-loop fastener.  
  • 31 inches is the length of the jacket.
  • The lined flap with a zipper and snaps are on the front closure that provides extra protection from spattering.

This perfect jacket with heavy built leather is complete that will keep you burn free. It is of good quality that will not only impress you but also provide you comfort. Enjoy well-made and sturdy jacket.


3. Hobart 770568 Welding Jacket – XXL

Hobart 770568 Welding Jacket - XXLHobart 770568 is the best welding jacket for warm climates or the issues of the sparks or spatter. It is light in weight that provides comfort to the wearer. Experience good protection with this jacket which serves as the skin protector. This jacket is imported and is dark gray.

  • It is made up of flame retardant cotton that provides smoothness.
  • It makes use of cowhide split leather and is durable.
  • The size of this unlined jacket is 2XL.
  • You can enjoy protective coverage due to long sleeves.

Have a good experience with this perfect piece that is true to size 2xl. Enjoy the great comfort with this well-fitted jacket. In hot temperature, it will not be overheated and will provide sound protection. The high-quality material will keep away all the sparks.


4. Miller Electric Welding Jacket

Miller Electric Welding JacketMiller Electric Welding Jacket is made up of 88% cotton and 12% nylon material. It is available in the navy blue color that fits the chest size of 46, ” and the length is of 30” that is light in weight.

  • It covers snap button which is of closure type.
  • It features one inside pocket and fold-in snaps which is the style of the cuffs.
  • The significant portion of cotton is mixed with the nylon that makes it durable and cozy piece.

Enjoy the well-built jacket with remarkable quality and durability. It will protect you against mig spatter and grinding sparks. The material used to make this jacket will provide you protection and coziness.


5. Revco BXRB9C-L BSX STRYKER FR Welding Jacket

Revco BXRB9C-L BSX STRYKER FR WELDING JACKETIt embodies smart looking design and great formation that you can use for your comfort. The size of this well-made jacket is S-5XL. The model of this jacket is BXRB9C-L. The quality of the jacket is supreme that will provide you high protection along with cool style.

  • You will get safety against sparks due to welding collars.
  • It is cotton BSX welding jacket which is of 9 oz. and flame resistant.
  • The length coverage is extended as per your choice.
  • The waist straps and cuffs are adjustable which will make your work easy.
  • It has scribe pockets with zippers along with dual inside. The sparks cannot land and ignite as there are no open pockets.

Make your life easy going with the lightweight cotton which is flame resistant. If you are looking for jackets that are meant for light welding purposes, then this product is appropriate for you.


6. J TILLMAN 9061 Welding Jacket

J TILLMAN 9061 WELDING JACKETJ TILLMAN 9061 features the graphic on the back – “Backbone of America.” You can enjoy protection along with attitude. It is made up of 100% cotton flame retardant fabric which is of 9 oz. and black color.

  • Apt for light duty welding activity which will serve as the high economic protection.
  • On the front, it features Onyx logo. To assure protection, you must keep it clean.
  • For more comfortable access and small item storage, there is outside front pocket and soapstone pocket on each sleeve.
  • The length of the jacket is 30” that will prevent welding burns.

Have a great time with this stylish, relaxed, comfortable and washable jacket. For up to 50 home or 25 commercial washings, it can uphold flame resistance. While performing welding work you can have the extreme safety.


7. AP-7130 welding jacket

AP-7130 welding jacket AP-7130 is the coffee color leather jacket that has the size of XL. It will provide you heavy-duty protection with extreme durability. It comes in various sizes like M, L, XL, double and triple XL. The testing standard of ISO EN11611 is meant for its certification.

On seams, it features flame retardant Kevlar thread that fights against wear out.

  • In front closure, it covers lined flap with snaps that provides protection.
  • For personal items, it holds the pocket, and for neck protection, it features flip-up collar.
  • From welding spatter and heat you can make use of this jacket to protect your arms and torso.

Make use of this A/B grade split cowhide leather that has insulated snaps and Velcro front. For safety it holds FR cotton lined roll-up collar which is sweat absorbent. The inside pocket will provide you high ease.


This post is the platform where you get in-depth knowledge about top quality brands of best welding jackets. Before finalizing any product make sure that it is durable which fulfills your requirements along with preferences. Increase your efficiency by choosing the best suitable product which offers zero burns.

Welding Jacket Buying Guide

As you know welding jacket plays a vital role in the life of the welder so before buying it following guidelines should be kept in mind which are as follows-

  • Fire resistant materials should be used to make it along with thermal insulation.
  • It should possess all the chief safety features that protect from heat.
  • Must hold sufficient space so that you can make movements to weld easily.
  • Make sure it should not be too heavy that makes your work difficult.
  • It should be durable so that you can enjoy it for the longer time.
  • The jacket will make your work convenient and smooth if it is electrical resistant and easy to use.
  • Ensure that the high-quality material should be used in the jacket so that it efficiently provides warmth.
  • If you buy heavy duty jackets like of leather, then you will get the maximum amount of protection.
  • The jackets with high collars, close-fitting buttons and held together cuffs will protect in well-organized ways.

All these guiding principles will help you to buy the quality piece. While purchasing the welding jacket go through the brand as the renowned brands will provide you perfect result. No doubt welding is the risky task but if you protect yourself with best welding jacket can you reduce the risk too much greater extent.

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