Bosch Heated Jacket Review and Comparison

Bosch Heated Jacket Review

When the winter takes place, it becomes crucial to have comfortable clothing. It is as important as a meal at such times. Thanks to the new inventions, there are many options available in the market which can protect us tremendously from the extreme cold, even when you are riding a bike in 1 degree. One of them is – Heated Jacket. In this article, we provide the review of Bosch heated jacket and also a small comparison of Milwaukee Vs. Bosch heated jacket.

Bosch Heated Jacket Review

Many studies suggest that Bosch is one of the best brands if we talk about the heated jackets. Few volunteers have spent more than 25 hours just on some research and test the different heated jackets, but no one could beat Bosch. If you want to get more information more about the same, kindly read this detailed review.

It has the supreme ability to keep you warm even if you are in some cold place. Here are some key features of the Bosch heated jacket;

  • It is very lightweight and comfortable. It weighs only 998 grams. Even with the battery in it, you will not feel it bulky. So you can wear it even if you are cooking, driving, or just sleeping.
  • Bosch uses the quality Polyester material, which is vigorous and sustainable. Its black color looks fabulous with two white straps around the shoulder. These straps are light reflectors.
  • The inside material of this heated jacket is nice and slippery. The benefit of this material is that when you wear your jacket, it will not grab or pull your sleeves. The outer side of the jacket is wind and water resistant.
  • Bosch heated jacket has a perfect place to keep the battery. You can put or pull out the battery without efforts. Quick plugging is a crucial feature of this jacket.
  • There is a 12 volt 2 Ah Li-ion battery, which can usually run 6 hours if there is a moderate use. But if you use it high, you may get 1.5 or 2 hours of warmness. It depends on the outside temperature.
  • It includes USB port so that you can quickly charge your phones or run any other USB equipment.
  • There are many pockets available; smaller and bigger pockets, inside pockets, chained pockets, etc. One of the inside pockets has the battery placement.
  • Bosch heated jacket can be a perfect fit for you, as it comes with adjustable cuffs and waist. You can adjust the cuffs by Velcro and the waist by the drawstring.
  • It has three settings – Red, Green, and Blue. This jacket provides one heat stripe at the back and two stripes at the front, which are enough to keep any person warm in the cold nights.

Apart from all such amazing features, there are some other advantages like large inside pocket for gloves, two hands warmer pockets with zipper, a zippered mobile pocket, etc. Its insulation and wind blocking quality make this jacket unique. Yes, when we talk about the pocket stuff, there is a view that the Bosch could have given deeper pockets than these.

Milwaukee Vs Bosch heated jacket

As you know, Milwaukee is also a superb brand in the section of heated jackets. It is cozy as well as casual. It can give you extra wrist movement so that you can feel comfortable when you wear bulky warm gloves. The plus point is that the side pockets can be warm even when the heating mechanism is off.

While comparing both the top rated jackets, you will realize that there is a facility to adjust the temperature anytime and anywhere for all the different places and it comes with the rapid charger. It also provides five carbon fiber heating elements.

Somewhere the weather is cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and again cold in the evening. So for such places, Bosch heated jacket is a perfect option. It comes with a kit with the battery and the battery charger.

Have some warmness

Like some other fashion items, modern clothing has also evolved uniquely. So you are a style icon, Bosch heated jacket can make you feel good looking, warm, and comfortable, as you know that a little pinch of heat can avoid frostbitten fingers or toes. So, take care and choose wisely. Winter is coming!

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