How to Soften a Leather Jacket: Break in Easily?

How to Soften a Leather Jacket

Are your leather jackets got stiffed? If yes, then you must be finding it uncomfortable to wear. No need to worry at all as you can soften your leather heated jackets in many ways. In this article, I will make you aware of the ways regarding how to soften a stiff leather jacket so that you can wear your leather jacket easily.

The simple and easy way to soften a leather jacket is to wear it many times. Keep on wearing it so that its stiffness gets disappear.

How to soften a leather jacket?

Step-1: Apply leather conditioner

On the roughest part of your jacket, you can make use of leather conditioner.  The most turbulent and harshest elements are found in the neck piece, elbows, and shoulders. You can buy reasonable leather jacket conditioner from the market or online. These conditioners will serve as the leather jacket softener. Pecard, Lexol and leather honey are some of the reputable brands on which you can rely.


Step-2: Make use of moisture

While drizzling, you can wear your leather jacket so that your jacket gets wet. The raindrops will make your jacket bendable due to wetness but make sure you don’t keep it moist in rainwater for the longer time as it may cause harm to your valuable piece. Stretch the leather jacket by doing the physical activities like dance, jump, and push-ups. In the absence of rain, you can make use of spray bottle or washcloth.

use of moisture

Step-3: Pay attention to care labels

You should consult the instructions mentioned on the care label as it will guide you how to handle your jacket with proper care. The instructions will be available on the small tag which will serve as the clue regarding care and maintenance of your leather jacket.

attention to care label

Step-4: Say no to soaking

Keep in mind that moisture on the jacket should be in limit. If you soak your jacket, then you will observe severe harm on it. Too much humidity will take away the oil from the microscopic fibers. Many people ask how to soften leather jacket using the dryer, but one thing you should know that your leather jacket will shrink in washing machine and dryer so avoid using the same.

no to soaking

Step-5: Enjoy the sleep in the leather jacket

If you are comfortable to have the nap in your leather jacket, then move ahead with the same. You can quickly mold your jacket by wearing it during your sleep.

sleep in the leather jacket

Step-6: Take proper care

While storing your winter clothes, you should keep one thing in mind that your leather jacket should be hanged and not folded. The hanger with broad shoulder yoke will be great for storage. Don’t keep it hanging for the much longer time. Wear it often in winters, hang it on the durable hanger and keep it away from heat to avoid shrinking.

Take proper care

Step-7: Ensure the fitting of the jacket

Buy the jacket that fits you appropriately. Look for enough space between the jacket and your body size so that it can comfortably fit with the sweater. Make sure that it should effortlessly zip up.

fitting of the jacket

Step-8: Keep on wearing your jacket

It is must to continue wearing your leather jacket regularly so that it stretches out naturally. The physical activities like walking, stretching and bending will cause elasticity in your leather jacket. The more you use, the softer it will come to be.

wearing your jacket

All these guidelines will assist you on the subject of how to soften a stiff leather jacket. As winters are approaching so it is essential to take care of woolens. You buy various types of jackets like heated and leather. This article will provide you immense knowledge and understanding about unstiffening your leather jacket.

Keep in mind

The type of leather plays a significant role in determining the life of the jacket. To resist abuse, it is essential that your jacket must be sturdy and durable. You will find cowhide and goatskin leather jacket much more long-lasting than the jacket made up of lambskin. It would be great if you go for softer leather as they are accessible to mold. Apply these easy and simple guiding principles so that you can enjoy wearing the leather jacket in winters without any inconvenience. If you follow these course of action, then your leather jacket will have longer lifespan without getting stiffen.

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