How to Wash Arcteryx Jacket: Follow The Instructions Before Washing

How Wash Arcteryx Jacket

Arcteryx is one of the super awesome brands which provides some unique, innovative, as well as purposeful outdoor options of garments. It was founded by local climbers in 1989 and became a ‘kinda cool’ gettogether place of all those people who are pursuing the same thought-processes. The designs of this company are proving the passion of those people’ who do all the hard work to achieve the same goal.

Their common goal is to create and provide the equipment which can motivate every climber, skier, or anyone else to enjoy the moment, without worrying about external environments. There are many designers, material experts, and the pattern makers, who work day and night, just to provide the most comfortable products to the customers than the other manufacturers.

Arcteryx Washing Instructions

Now, coming straight to the topic, this article is mainly about the washing Arcteryx jackets. We all have one question in mind; when should I wash my jacket? Because apparently, we know that when we clean something correctly, we can seriously increase the performance and life of the item.

You may feel (or you may have heard a lot of times) that washing the jackets are not necessary. Some of us do not clean the jackets for years and years, and no, it is not recommended. But, it is a widespread misconception. In fact, you should wash your coat a lot to keep it clean and usable for the more extended period.

How to Wash Arcteryx Jacket?

Step 1: The Preparations


Before starting the washing processes, there are some things we need to take care of! Prepare the jacket for washing by closing the main zipper and pit zippers. Here, one thing to keep in mind that the pocket zippers should be opened. After that, we should release tension on all elastic drawcords, and also open the cuffs.

Step 2: The Washing Materials

To wash the jacket, we must use a proper washing liquid. There are lots of brands available in the market for the same purpose. So, we should buy a gentle liquid and use one cap of it for the one piece. Thus, the proportion is that if we have two jackets to wash, it is recommended to use two caps washing liquid. (We can also read instructions given on the bottle!)

washing liquid

Note: If you don’t have a professional or proper washing liquid, you can use your regular detergent which is very gentle. But, make sure that you dissolve it entirely before putting it in the machine or double rinse the jacket. It is crucial because otherwise the detergent might stay on the piece and it is not good at all.

Step 3: Washing Machine Settings

warm settings

Now, we can start the washing procedures by setting our machines. If there is only one jacket, the water level should be at the ‘Small Load,’ and the water temperature should be at the ‘Warm Cold.’ The speed of the machine can be set to the ‘Normal,’ and the wash cycle should be set on the ‘Ultra Clean’ or 10 minutes.

Step 4: DWR – Durable Water Repellent Coating (Optional)

Once the machine cycle is over and the jacket is clean, take it and just shake it off to clear the excess water out there.

beading jacket

Now it’s time to make a decision. If the jacket is not performing well to beading the water on the face fabric, then we have to go through this step to revive it with the DWR spray before putting it into the dryer. But, if the jacket is performing well, then put it directly into the dryer to dry it out.

Step 5: The Dryer Settings

dry jacket

Drying out the jacket is very easy. First of all, set the dryer to the regular temperature setting and set 40 minutes of the drying time. The minutes of drying the jacket may vary dryer to dryer as sometimes it takes longer time or sometimes just a few minutes are enough. So after 40 minutes, take out the jacket and check if it is completely dried or not! If yes, then it is ready to use again!

Washing Indicators

Every jacket gives some signs. You should observe your jackets time to time. There are some indicators you should look out to decide whether you should wash your coat or not! They are as under…

  • The jacket has started absorbing water, and it is not beading on the outside fabric like it did when it was new.
  • The collar of your jacket is showing the signs of sweating or oils, which is very bad for the fabric of the jacket. Dirt stains or debris on the cuffs or some other areas of the jacket, etc.
  • If you are using some of the best heated jackets, then don’t forget to remove the batteries before washing it.
  • There are no rules of when you should wash your jacket correctly, but if you have used it for some higher and heavier activities like mountain climbing or hiking, you must clean your jackets more frequently.
  • And, if you wear your jacket casually, you can avoid the washing for some more weeks. Just keep your eyes one the indicators and signs and decide when you want to wash it.

So that’s it. First of all, prepare the machine and the jacket to be washed and then if needed, sue DWR spray to maintain the beading capacity of the jacket and at last dry it in the dryer. If we do this regularly and take proper care of our pieces, they are going to last a lot longer, and the performance is going to be amazingly well.

I hope I gave all the necessary and needed information regarding how to wash Arcteryx jacket! So, go out, get your jackets dirty and clean it. Have happy and safe adventures!

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