How to Wear a Field Jacket – Find a Unique Way

How to Wear a Field Jacket

The field jacket is meant for military practicality and for civilian life it serves as the hard-wearing piece of outerwear.  You will find the roots of military history along with the popularity of civilian population for field jackets

Here you will come across the unique ways regarding in what way to wear a field jacket. But before that let’s discuss field jacket.

What is field Jacket?

For utilitarian purposes, the field jacket came into picture which is meant exclusively for military practicality. Though the roots of field jacket are ingrained in military history, you will find its popularity with the civilian population too.

During World War II, its purpose was to keep soldiers warm and dry. For the United States Army, it became an essential issue in the monsoon season during the Vietnam War. In the military, the field jacket got its start, but now it is designated by high-end designers which dwell in the man’s wardrobe.

In this day and age, how field jacket should be worn to add style to your personality. Let’s move on to talk about the ways concerning how should a field jacket fit.

How to Wear a Field Jacket?

You can wear a field jacket in many ways. With a pair of brawny denim jeans, sneakers and crew neck T-shirt under a chambray shirt you can wear the field jacket. The shirt can be open or buttoned up. During summer you can go for losing the shirt, and on brisk mornings you can enjoy warmness by adding a beanie.  

In man’s wardrobe, the lightweight field jacket has become an essential piece. It can be worn in the number of ways due to its versatility.

  • Overshirt, tie and merino knit sweater you can wear the field jacket. In cooler spring and autumn months, the field jacket can act as a blazer alternative. The designers can produce versions in slimmer cuts and premium materials by smartening the silhouette up.
  • For the weekends, the field jackets are always on standby. It can work as the unique topcoat alternative for your office.
  • With a denim shirt and tie you can dress up the field jacket which will display your creative attitude.
  • The wool trousers with a button-up under a shawl-collar sweater you can even out a dressed-up look. Consider this style with the textured shades of grey.
  • Over your favorite sweater and wool joggers for a laid-back, you can throw the jacket to enjoy the casual layers.
  • To experience excellent look, you can take hold of the leather jacket when it is little roughed up and broken in.
  • With the low-key elements of your wardrobe like tees, casual shirts, knits, and jeans; the field jacket fit together remarkably.
  • With a classic crew neck T-shirt or polo shirt, jeans and pair of crisp white sneakers you can wear the field jacket which will provide you the simple and relaxed way.
  • Layer your field jacket over your smart-casual ensemble with an unstructured blazer which can be either buttoned or unbuttoned. To reveal the nattier gear beneath you can leave it undone. It will work as the new high-low summer go-to.
  • By ditching the blazer and pairing your jacket with a white oxford shirt and tailored trousers, you can wear this functional piece to more formal affairs.
  • In plusher material and a trimmer fit, you can select the field jacket. The structure of the field jacket complements well with the cotton and cotton-linen tailoring.

All these are the different ways that guide you concerning how should a field jacket fit. You can go for any of choice as per your preference and convenience.

Get pleasure from the unique ways

In this informative piece of writing, you will come to know the perfect ways relating to in what manner you can fit the field jacket to enhance your physical appearance.

At the time of off-duty, or by layering up or in a suited and booted style; you can take pleasure from field jacket.

Enjoy the smarter approach, desert life and add value proposition with the field jackets. You can use it for your office or show the creative attitude or can go with casual layers.

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