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rothco concealed carry jacket review

In this article, you will get to know the reviews of Rothco concealed carry jacket so that you can gain profound knowledge of it. Here I will share my experience of wearing Rothco concealed carry jacket.

Before sharing my experience, I would like to draw your attention to the features of Rothco concealed carry jacket so that you can become familiar with this winter outfit.

Specifications of Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket

  • It is 100% polyester, so the material is suitable for everyone.
  • The material of the jacket is breathable as it allows inflow and outflow of air. The breathable comfort is due to the inner lightweight lining.
  • On each side, you will find two interior concealed carry pockets along with hook and loop closures. It has two back and two front slash pockets.
  • As a backup plan, you can make use of two mag pouches which is found on each inner sides.
  • The collar, detachable hood and shoulder pockets all are zippered.
  • The outer shell is waterproof so you can wear in the rain also.
  • It holds 3-layer construction that keeps away water, turns aside wind and holds heat.
  • The concealed hood is removable. For patch placement, it features 4 x 4 inches’ loop fields.
  • All these are the prominent features of Rothco concealed carry jacket.

Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket Review

In early morning winters, I wear this jacket when I go out for the morning walk and look after the outdoor chores. The best thing I found in this jacket is that it kept me warm in cold weather and inside I felt dry even it was raining or snowing outside. I experienced that it works admirably in cold weather rainstorms. Not only it provides comfort to my body but also helps me to carry the handgun and spare magazines. I can conveniently carry the weapon in this jacket.

Instructions to be followed

On this jacket you will find the Rothco logo and information regarding in what manner you can maintain, dry, wash, and iron the outer winter wear. You will also get the knowledge about the making of the coat.

Available colors

You can have color choices among black, navy-blue, coyote brown, olive drab that seems gray.

Meant for whom?

  • Individuals associated with different types of activities can make use of this jacket.
  • Law enforcement field where an area is low in temperature.
  • Where Bodyguards of the high profile individual like the significant politician or a tycoon.
  • Fishing or hunting task as small items can be kept in the pockets.
  • Runners in cold weather areas who are uncertain about what might take place.

Is there any defect?

For small items like cell phones, you might find the pockets too deep. The concealed hood may be inapt for some users, so the best way to deal is to roll it and put it in the zippered collar. In case of larger pistols, you can make use of the holster.

Conclusive thoughts

From this piece of writing, you will get Rothco concealed carry jacket review. In extreme temperatures and activities, you will find this outer garment perfect. The zipper and hook and loop serve as the closures and fasteners. The inner side material is fleece, and the outer side is 100% polyester.

I hope you will have the liking to buy this jacket as it holds lots of valuable features which will serve you satisfactorily and comfortably.

The quality is reliable, and the potential is appreciable. It possesses the wind and water blocking ability. The breathable capability will favor your body, and you can carry the whole lot of things in it.

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